Thinking about sustainability and corporate and social responsibility is a reminder that businesses do not operate in isolation. To be successful, our business activity is reliant on a number of stakeholders, including suppliers, partners, customers and our local community.  Our success is linked to the well being of these stakeholders and partners.

To support our local community, Practically Green Ltd has been involved in a number of fundraising activities as well as making donations to a number of local good causes. These have included;

  • Donation to an island community group organising an annual sporting event that raises funds for local good causes
  • Financial donation for a local sport group’s web site
  • Sponsorship to raise funds for equipment at a local primary school
  • Sponsorship to help raise funds for nursery equipment at a local primary school
  • Donation to a local community group taking over the management of a historical building as a community managed attraction
  • Donation to a national environmental charity
  • Donation for the annual children’s competition at a local outdoor activity club