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Reducing Workplace Heating Costs

Many organisations do not know how much they spend on heating, how efficient their heating is and how costs can be reduced. Without this level of information, there is very little preparation these organisations can do ahead of a severe winter where there is likely to be an increased demand for heating. However with some simple actions, organisation can more effectively manage their heating systems, reducing the amount of energy consumed, and making bottom line improvements at the same time. To find out more, click on the following title to access our Briefing Paper;   Briefing Paper – Reducing Your Workplace Heating Costs

Energy Efficient Lighting – reducing your organisation’s lighting costs. 

Many organisations require significant levels of lighting to create a welcoming and safe environment for staff, visitors and customers. Whether its a factory operating 24 hours a day, a welcoming hotel reception or a large games hall with multiple uses, artificial lighting is essential and can represent a significant cost. New lighting technology can help reduce illumination costs and create significant savings, sometimes paying back the initial investment in a few months. To find out more, click on the following title to access the Briefing Paper; Briefing Paper – LED Lighting

Onsite Renewable Energy Generation – Cutting Energy Costs

The scope for businesses to produce their own renewable energy is increasing through the use of onsite renewable energy technologies. While this can reduce energy costs, there are also good environmental and reputational benefits from engaging with renewable energy technologies. Our short guide provides a no jargon and simple overview of the current popular onsite energy technologies. Click on the title to access the Briefing Paper:  Onsite Renewable Energy Generation

Establishing good environmental operations

If you are running an organisation, you will not have escaped the growing interest from customers and regulators in the steps your organisation is taking to reduce environmental impacts. There are good financial, operational, PR and reputational benefits when setting high standards of environmental performance. The attached paper explains how we help clients to establish a consistent approach to environmental management. This can then be audited to obtain an internationally recognised accreditation which is increasingly requested in tenders and contracts. Click on the title to access the Briefing Paper: Briefing Paper – ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

Linking quality, environment and health and safety – opportunities with ISO standards

Many organisations in the highlands and islands will be familiar with international ISO standards. Accreditation to these standards is awarded to organisations which establish procedures and a management system that support consistent operations and drives continual improvement. Changes in the more common standards now make it far easier to integrate quality, environmental and health and safety operations and procedures

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Where there’s muck there’s savings

Recently we have been doing work to help businesses understand where waste arises in their operations and how it can be reduced. Waste is produced by every business we know and they pay to have this material removed from site. If your waste is surplus raw materials that were never used, it is a double cost to the business.

However, this cost can be significantly reduced by some simple actions. All businesses are obliged to meet the “waste hierarchy.” What does the waste hierarchy mean in practice?

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Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2015 and what they mean for business

The release this month of the annual Scottish Environmental Statistics provide a snapshot of key environmental issues facing the country. Whether its engagement with climate change, amounts of waste produced or how the country’s roads are used, these statistics show interesting trends and changes over time. They also help to identify where we could perhaps expect to see more policy and financial support in the future.

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Funding our energy spply

There is lots of commentary about funding for renewable energy but how does this compare with funding for other energy supplies?

At Practically Green, we deliver resource efficiency reviews that identify how clients can reduce resource use; raw materials, water, energy etc and the resulting costs. We also identify the costs and benefits of installing renewable energy to provide an alternative to grid electricity or heating from LPG or oil. Across the world, countries, businesses and communities are engaging with renewable energy to help develop a more diverse energy supply …

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