COBEN (COmmunity BENefits in Civic Energy)

October 2017

We are delighted for the opportunity to be working with Amec Foster Wheeler (now part of Wood plc) on the COBEN (COmmunity BENefits in Civic Energy) programme. Work involves leading on a pilot to develop and implement local energy plans for four local communities in the Scottish Highlands and Islands Enterprise Region and to develop a common local energy plan methodology, business model templates and IT tools.

The development of a Local Energy Plan requires assessment of the supply, demand and local opportunities in energy at a local level. It is a plan for a local area, small island, village or town that uses a whole system approach to set out the aspirations and priorities of the local community and a range of stakeholders for the future development of energy in that area. It will consider power, energy storage, heat, transport, demand reduction and management as well as the implications for the energy infrastructure and potential partnership opportunities.

Led by the Energy Saving Trust, the project runs until September 2019.