Low Carbon

With over a decade of work in carbon foot printing (also known as greenhouse gas measurement and management) we can help organisations understand how they can engage with this very important agenda. Imagine the profile, differentiation and financial benefits your organisation could achieve by being one of the success stories in carbon management and reduction in your sector. Our carbon measurement and management support, has helped some clients win top sector awards, new contracts and competitions.

It is now widely accepted our use of carbon rich fossil fuels is helping to change our climate and weather. This is disrupting many sectors and business as usual assumptions. We help clients to identify how their operations will be impacted by a changing climate. To encourage organisations to reduce emissions, there are a range of taxes, penalties and reporting. We help clients reduce their exposure to greenhouse gas taxes and reporting. And the transition towards a low carbon economy will create many opportunities. Again, we are able to help clients identify these opportunities and funding that will support operations, investment etc.

An emerging theme of analysis is our work to carbon footprint areas. This is a growing area of interest across the planet. This link provides information on a recently completed project to carbon footprint the city of Inverness which we led for the University of the Highlands and Islands.

This link provides more information about our carbon/greenhouse gas measurement and management support.