Development involves assessing and fine tuning how your operations engage with environmental, sustainability and low carbon issues, to ensure you have a good foundation for future growth. We support clients prepare this strong and resilient foundation.


Business Plan Review
Do you need your business plan to comprehensively address environmental issues but are unsure if it does? Would your business plan benefit from an impartial and informed 2nd opinion? We provide a sense check to help reassure funders that your project is worth supporting. For one client’s business plan we reviewed the cost and saving forecasts from renewable energy installed to provide power in a new development. For another client our business plan work involved reviewing global and national market trends for environmental/green goods. For an environmental social enterprise, our work helped prepare the business plan for submission to angel investors.


Funding Reviews
Do you want to know if your environmental, sustainability and low carbon activity could access funding to help reduce risk and increase the chances of project success? We can identify funding and financial support that is increasingly being made available for the right environmental, sustainability and low carbon projects. Funding for training, low and no interest loans, grants for renewable energy installations, finance for transport improvements and public funded resource use reviews are among the resources we have been able to identify for clients.


Training & Staff Support Material
Our training and support material helps get workforces involved with new environmental activity.  We have prepared staff handbooks, provided training material for staff induction, identified free training provided through a Government programme and delivered refresher training material that is electronically available to staff on personal hand held devices.  We can also access funding which pays up to 60% of staff environmental training costs.