ISO 14001 and Management Systems

How do you ensure you have the all the requirements to consistently and safely deliver what your customers require?  Management systems help an organisation deliver a consistent standard of service and operations. Ambitious businesses can have their management system independently audited, achieving the internationally recognised ISO accreditation. 

We help client’s establish these systems which can be accredited to international standards, increasingly a requirement in large tenders and contracts. To reduce bureaucracy the management systems can increasingly be integrated. Practically Green’s own Safety & Health, Environment and Quality management system is an example of this integrated approach.

How we can help clients to achieve the benefits of ISO accreditation include;

– complete a gap analysis review to assess where there are gaps in existing operations and where there is already good practice

– prepare an implementation programme to fit in with your operations and requirements

– prepare bespoke procedures, process flow diagrams and templates that comprehensively and easily communicate how to address gaps in current operations

– provide support, training and advice to help implement your management system

– to maximise benefits, where appropriate create an integrated management system that supports a high standard of quality, environmental and health and safety performance