As you manage your organisation or project, there will be opportunities to reduce costs and resource use and achieve awards and accreditation for good environmental practice. We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve these goals.


Resource Efficiency Reviews
Do you want to know how to reduce the cost and volume of resources your operation’s use – including raw materials, water, energy, and packaging? The average UK business wastes around a fifth of the energy it purchases. The average hospitality business can reduce their energy use by 10-40% without affecting guest experience. We have helped clients in the tourism, construction, food & drink, building services, renewables, & manufacturing and public sectors to be more resource efficient.


Management Systems
How do you ensure you have the all the requirements to consistently and safely deliver what your customers require?  Management systems provide a structure and framework for your business operations. We help client’s establish these systems which can be accredited to international standards, increasingly a requirement in large tenders and contracts. To reduce bureaucracy the management systems can increasingly be integrated. Practically Green’s own Safety & Health, Environment and Quality management system is an example of this integrated approach.


Accreditation Submissions and Audits
Do you need to provide evidence of your business’s good performance for a trade accreditation, sector award or international accreditation?  We have helped clients in a number of different sectors, to win regional and national awards, competitions and achieve top industry accreditations. Our audits and reporting help to collect evidence, presenting this to clients, assessors & auditors.


Are you being asked in tenders to provide evidence of environmental, sustainability, corporate and social responsibility and low carbon performance? Understanding your customer’s specific requirements, we make sure your tender submissions articulate your ability to deliver to expectations on environmental, sustainability and low carbon issues.