Planning a project involves considering, prioritising, addressing and where appropriate dismissing a range of different environmental issues.  We assist clients with this process.


Scoping and Feasibility Studies
Our scoping study work provides an overview of a project and key themes and issues that require to be addressed if it is to progress. Our feasibility study work involves more detailed analysis around the project and its environment. The purpose at this stage is to help clients identify if their project is viable, identify different development options, constraints and solutions and identify and prepare supporting documentation where appropriate.


Environmental Impact Assessment
Driven by EU Law, an Environmental Impact Assessment is simply another way to review the feasibility of a project – this time by considering in detail, project impacts on the environment. Information from the EIA is used in the Environmental Statement and this helps to minimise negative impacts of the project’s development on the environment. Our EIA work can involve a mixture of site surveys and visits, stakeholder consultation and project mitigation.


Review of Environmental Aspects and Impacts
Nobody wants their project to have negative impacts on the environment. But what activities will have an impact on the environment and which are the most serious? Our Review of Environmental Aspects and Impacts helps to answer these questions. Our scoring and weighting system helps clients prioritise effort on environmental mitigation as they take forward their projects.


 Register of Environmental Legislation
Do you know which environmental regulation will apply to your project or development and how to meet legal requirements? We provide the answers to these vital questions through preparing a Register of Environmental Legislation. This  identifies pertinent legislation for different operations – for example in the office, service or storage yard, transport and onsite activity. All have some common regulations and some specific to the functions undertaken at these different locations. We support clients by engaging with regulators and licensing authorities to obtain any authorisations, permits, licences and certificates required to help with your activity.