At Practically Green we help clients to improve their environmental performance , measure and manage their carbon footprint and reduce costs by creating more energy and resource efficient operations.

Whether its counting carbon, compiling compliance, evaluating energy efficiency, perfecting processes or optimising operations, we can help to raise the standards of your environmental and low carbon engagement.

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Case Studies

Options Review and Business Plan - 142918826 l 1

Options Review and Business Plan

Brief: We were commissioned by a Highland environmental organisation, to prepare a review of possible income generating operations as well as screen alternative locations for their operation base. To address this broad remit, we prepared a small consortium team with…

Carbon Management Plan - 155846780 l

Carbon Management Plan

Brief: We were asked to help the business, involved in wood product manufacture, to help prepare their first Carbon Footprint Review. The business had recently completed work to assess greenhouse gas emissions from a range of their products. The business…